Speed up your exams with Unetixs versatile PPG (photoplethysmography) digit clips and sensors! No application of tape or Velcro is required for most PPG exams and you can easily remove the sensors from their securely docked position in the clip for cleaning and replacement or for separate use in thoracic-outlet-syndrome and other tests.

It is easy to obtain accurate waveforms from even the smallest toes with no patient discomfort. The very light, bilaterally uniform pressure does not affect blood flow. The clips work equally well with either 1.9 cm or 2.5 cm digit cuffs. Left and right clips are clearly marked in large, color-coded type.

Features & Benefits
  • Standard accessories on all Unetixs MultiLab vascular diagnostic systems
  • Speed and accuracy with no tape or Velcro needed in most cases
  • Uniform bilateral pressure
  • Easily removed and cleaned sensors
  • Sensors may be used for other tests not requiring digit clips
  • Clips work equally well with very small to very large patients