State of the Art Physiologic Vascular Diagnostics

The Unetixs’ MultiLab® Series II ROODRA offers demanding vascular professionals all the advantages of a contemporary platform while retaining Unetixs’ familiar ease of use.

Based on the technologists needs, ROODRA offers up-to-date technologies that define a new standard with a sleek new look. Unetixs’ legendary short learning curve and ease of use remain, with exicting new features and software upgrades.
Incorporating an all-in-one Windows 10 computer system with a 24″ screen offering antimicrobial and moisture resistance that is unparalleled.


  • The world standard for noninvasive physiological arterial and venous studies, incorporating:
    • Calibrated dual-channel pulse volume recording (C-PVR®)
    • Dual-channel photoplethysmography (PPG), using easily applied digit clips*
    • 8 MHz bi-directional TruDop® Doppler probe*
    • 5 MHz bi-directional TruDop® Doppler probe*
  • Definitive quality waveforms for original diagnosis or post-intervention follow-up
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Easily custom-configured test protocols and reporting
  • High-quality, full-page color reports and waveforms required for Medicare reimbursement
  • Compatibility with DICOM SR/PACS standards

*One 8 MHz and one 5 MHz Doppler probe as well as two PPG sensors with digit clips are standard with each system.


  • High-resolution 24” touch-screen all-in-one
  • Large, easy-to-read touch-screen controls
  • Custom-designed industrial central processor
  • Full-size sealed and backlit keyboard
  • Ergonomic full-function, wireless remote with magnetic back for easy storage
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • 12-port Auto Manifold™ with:
    • Soft, lightweight ribbon hoses with color-coded, numbered tips for easy cuff connection
    • Pressure cuffs (Choose one of two cuff-sets or mix and match cuffs from 14 assorted sizes)
    • 12-cuff simultaneous hookup
    • Automatic cuff inflator measures air-volume required to bring cuffs to correct pressure on consistently wrapped cuffs
  • Modality work list ready with DICOM SR/PACS compatibility included
  • Two PPG probes with digit clips
  • 8 MHz and 5 MHz bi-directional TruDop® Doppler probes(one each)
  • Height Adjustable Cart:
    • Latching storage drawer
    • Four-way free spinning wheels, with 4 locking wheels
    • Base Size: 20” W x 24” D x 40” H
    • Weight: approximately 120 lbs