Notice: Disposable Vascular Cuffs are now available   Unetixs proudly presents disposable cuffs taking our commitment towards Infectious Disease Control measures to next level.  Recreating the designs of our reusable vascular cuffs to be compatible with your Unetixs Vascular systems. Features: Disposable for single patient use only, to avoid potential cross- infection Materials: white color […]

Covid-19 Update: Unetixs Vascular will be operating under a limited capacity during these difficult times. Please take advantage of our online store to place any orders. Note some of our services will not be available such as express orders.  We will do our best to support our customers and appreciate their understanding during these unprecedented […]

Excited to be participating in the hands-on workshop and exhibiting at the : Diabetic Lower Extremity Symposium November 7-8, 2019 in Boston, MA at the Rotunda, Joseph B. Martin Conference Center